FlaViva ColoNett-Mix – Elderberry-Cherry, fiber supplement instant drink powder

Fine dietary fibers (apple pectin and plantain seed peel) play an essential role in forming the normal consistency of the intestinal content, thus also in the relief and normalization of diarrhea and constipation.

The widely known antiviral flavonoid components of blackberry, as well as the high polyphenol content and antibacterial components of sour cherries and rosehips, can contribute to the fight against pathogens in the intestine and reduce dysbacteriosis, thereby maintaining the normal intestinal flora (the microbiome).

Domestic and international research has shown that the absorption of significant polyphenol (especially anthocyanin) of sour cherries and blackberries through the intestinal wall plays a role in reducing inflammation of the intestinal wall.

Based on my professional experience: in inflammatory bowel diseases developed after viral or bacterial infections, sour cherry-elderberry fiber replacement beverage powder, rich in fine dietary fibers, relieved digestive complaints in a few days.


Made from: strictly controlled ingredients, plantain seed peel, apple fiber, black elderberry juice, sour cherry juice and maltodextrin, with low temperature gentle vacuum drying, in the HACCP quality assurance system.


 Gluten and lactose free, Vegan product. Contains NO added sugar, colorant or preservative.


Ingredients: plantain seed peel, apple fiber powder, blackberry powder, cherry powder, rosehip powder.


It can be consumed immediately when mixed in 2 dl (animal or vegetable) milk, yogurt or kefir, 2-3 tablespoons once a day, or 2 times a day 1-1,5 tablespoon of powder. Tasty fiber replacement for muesli and smoothies. It can be consumed intermittently or regularly. It is extremely important to consume abundant 2-3 liters of water daily. The consumption of the product does not replace a balanced diet, but regular consumption of fibers can contribute to the normal functioning of the digestive system.


Important Instructions:
Store in a dry, cool place, protected from light and radiant heat! Use only a dry spoon when using, then always close the box well. It is advisable to consume the product within 3 months after opening, because after opening the protective foil, after prolonged standing, the granules of the fruit powder may stick together due to the moisture content of the air. This does not affect the product's warranty, it remains soluble in liquids.


The product has a 1-year warranty.

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