FlaViva Carotene-Mix – fruit-vegetable instant drink powder

The development of an orange-flavoured, carotenoid-rich instant beverage powder containing predominantly carrots and pumpkins along the liver meridian resulted from my electro-acupuncture Voll meridian measurements. According to my several years of professional observations, the components rich in carotenoids had a beneficial effect on the electrical conductivity measured at the meridian points of the liver: after regular consumption for 2-3 months, the laboratory values of liver function improved, and these correlated with the values measured along the liver meridian.

The liver is known to be one of our most important detoxifying organs : it plays an important role not only in the neutralization and secretion of foods and drinks absorbed from the intestines but also in the neutralization and excretion of organic and inorganic harmful substances from the skin and respiratory tract into our body. It is therefore of utmost importance that we can effectively support this highly complex biochemical process in sequestration and neutralizing harmful free radicals constantly forming in liver cells by consuming regularly and in the right amounts of antioxidants that protect the liver, e.g., vegetables and fruits rich in carotenoids.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, which dates back more than 5,000 years, "the liver is also known as the mother organ of immunity to tumours" therefore, in almost all cases, it is also of utmost importance to support the liver in the treatment of cancer diseases.

According to the "doctrine of the Chinese pentagram 5 elements", the sense attached to the liver is the eye. This is reflected in the longstanding observation that liver support also benefits the eye condition. In addition, it has long been proven that carotenoids play an essential role in constructing "pins and sticks" in the retina of the eye (called the macula), especially zeaxanthin, which can be detected in significant quantities in carrots.

Carotenoids (mainly retinol) - a precursor to vitamin A - also contribute to maintaining the normal functioning of the skin.

Made from: from strictly controlled raw materials, using organic carrot juice, organic pumpkin juice, pineapple juice, orange juice, papaya juice and sea buckthorn juice concentrates and maltodextrin, gentle vacuum drying at low temperature, in the HACCP quality assurance system.


Összetétel: bio-carrot powder, bio pumpkin powder, orange powder, papaya powder, pineapple powder, sea buckthorn powder.


Gluten and lactose-free, Vegan product. Contains NO added sugar, colorant or preservative!




  • As a refreshing fruit drink: Mixed 2 tablespoons of fruit powder 2 times a day with 1-2 dl of water, we can get an immediate, delicious, natural fruit drink, the regular consumption of which can contribute to a healthy diet.
  • Mixed in natural yoghurt: Can also be consumed as a fruit yoghurt.
  • As a fruit tea: by mixing 1-2 teaspoons of instant fruit powder into 2 dl of tea, we can consume the juicy fruit tea specialty that dissolves immediately.
  • As a "healthy snack": 2 tablespoons of instant fruit powder can be eaten slowly as a gourmet delicacy 2 times a day.


Important Instructions:

Store in a dry, cool place, protected from light and radiant heat! Use only a dry spoon when using, then always close the box well. It is advisable to consume the product within 3 months after opening, because after opening the protective foil, after prolonged standing, the granules of the fruit powder may stick together due to the moisture content of the air. This does not affect the product's warranty, it remains soluble in liquids.


Samples of 1 serving of tasting product

12 are available in a 12g pack.

The product has a 1-year warranty.

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